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Bandai Important Information
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Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 11:19 AM UTC
Hi all,

This is some important information about Bandai star wars kits that i think needs to be shared and passed around.

As we know in the past that Disney sold Revell the rights to produce and sell star wars kits in the USA, Europe and the UK and that Bandai was given a licence to do the same but that their market place was restricted to Japan and the asian market.

This has caused a lot of friction in the modelling community with regards to these Bandai kits not being officially available out side of the Japanese trade zone as per their licence agreement with Disney.

More recently with the collapse of Monogram/Revell there has been a change that affected the market in the USA which allowed some Bandai kits being sold on the american market.

Well in the last few weeks Revell of Germany and Bandai have struck a deal which allows Bandai star wars kits to be sold in the UK and Europe, these kits have the Revell logo on the side of the box (see picture below) and thus far there are six types of star wars Bandai kits that are now on sale with more to follow. as far as i can tell those first six kits are: 1/72 tie fighter, 1/72 x-wing, 1/144 slave 1, 1/48 rebel snowspeeder, 1/144 AT-AT and the new 1/72 millennium falcon.

now there is a small catch, if you have one of the older versions of these kits and you lose a part then you still have to go back to your source in Japan to get a replacement, if you have one of the newer kits with the Revell logo on the box you should be able to get a replacement part from Revell instead.

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Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 01:22 PM UTC
this good news:

I struggle with Revell's odd ball scales and much prefer the standardized approach of Bandai (and previously Finemolds)