Adie Roberts continues his inspirations to help inspire modellers of all abilities to work out of their comfort zone building dioramas or just trying new builds.


A stunning diorama by modelling friend Alberto Winterland of the CINCOMARZADA

The Cincomarzada was a failed Carlist attempt to conquer the city of Zaragoza on 5 March 1838. Nowadays it is a popular holiday in Zaragoza commemorating the heroic behaviour of the citizens during the First Carlist War.

The night of 5 March 1838, Juan Cabañero's troops occupied most of the city by surprise, but faced the resistance of its inhabitants and the news that the garrisons were coming back, the Carlists fled. After the failure of the Carlist army, the city received the title of "Siempre Heroica" (always heroic) and a street was named after this day (Cinco de Marzo).



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