Customise your game units by adding bits from our catalogue. Use their multiple combinations to create your own units.

Discover our exquisite set of compatible 40k bits ideal for any Warhammer 40k space marine, which are genetically enhanced warriors, and superhumans, created by the Emperor of Mankind millennia ago to protect his empire and expand his dominion over the galaxy, and more specifically for chaos space marines, the latter being one of the main factions within the universe of the science fiction miniatures game developed by the British company called GW, set in a dystopian and dark future in which different factions fight for control of the galaxy.

Elevate your hobby with these versatile bits Warhammer 40k, infusing a creative spark into your existing sci-fi Battle Force or allowing you to create unique, custom units and figures. These 3D printed pieces are delivered unpainted and in their print matrix with easy-to-remove mounts. Don't forget our modeling glue, our different types of scissors, as well as Hobby Knife to finish the most complicated assemblies.



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