Kit 24081 continues the series of kits dedicated to the space fantasy topic in 1/24 scale and represents remix of old successful kits: 24070, 24071 and 24072.

The extraordinary popularity of the space fantasy topic in the field of cinematography and computer games made us deal with this subject, and the choice of the 1/24 scale is due to the growing popularity of this scale among modellers who focus on figures. This is due to the fact that, on the one hand, this scale allows the manufacturer to make a much more detailed figure than the 1/35 scale, on the other hand, it allows the modeller to make the figure with special sophistication.

The creation of the Strange Company's Adventures series of figures was based on a plot telling how several different people, from space vagabonds and swindlers to servicemen of the space fleet, became accidental carriers of a dangerous secret and were forced to unite in the face of a common threat represented by the powerful Galactic Security Service to survive.

Ianis, or Sly Ianis got his nickname for a reason. His ability to get out from the most hopeless situations had become a legend a long time ago.

Ianis and his two daring assistants, Valerie and Natie had a rather adventurous life, taking part in fights of robots till destiny brought them together with Helen Parsons (kit 24056). It made them outlaws and now they are hunted by the most powerful enemy in the whole Universe – the Galactic Security Service.

Ianis owned a small company that made robots for semi-legal gladiatorial fights. The Galactic Government was suspicious of such companies, seeing them as a threat to the National Security, because while trying to snatch victory, such companies attracted the most talented engineers and, from time to time, made real technological breakthroughs.

Valerie is a talented engineer that can reprogram easily any technique available to her. She hides her talent skillfully behind the appearance of a carefree and very beautiful girl that has repeatedly benefited team. She is a member of a small company created by Ianis, a talented adventurer and that makes robots for semi-legal gladiatorial fights.

Natie is a talented mechanical engineer that can build an efficient mechanism from any debris. She hides her talent skillfully behind the appearance of a sexy, but a little rude girl that more than once misled dangerous competitors and often benefited the team. She is a member of a small company created by Ianis, a talented adventurer and that makes robots for semi-legal gladiatorial fights.

The Government encouraged fights of battles robots, realizing that such fights solve considerably the problem of Extra People*, but monitored their participants carefully, trying to prevent the leakage of technologies up in the wrong hands. However, illegal trade in technologies was the major part of Ianis’s income.

Ianis & Co managed to fool Government agents for a long time, but the resistance to the arrest made them outlaws, and a chance encounter with Helen Parsons made them Strange Company’s part.

* Extra People is a term that appeared in the middle of the 21st century and it designates a category of the population that is unable or unwilling to master new technologies and, accordingly, is unable to find a decent job. Some of these people chose the criminal path, but most of them found themselves in the virtual world, plunging into an invented world and realizing themselves as spectators of various, often bloody shows, where bets were made and there were huge amounts of money. However, most of such people had a miserable and mainly short life, saving the Governments of their planets from unnecessary troubles.

The kit contains frames with parts for assembling three figures: a figure of one short mechanic and two of his assistants.

The figures are made at a high artistic level and are rather miniature sculptures. The figures are also perfectly animated and interact well with each other, making up a single plot, a whole story.

If desired, the modeller can make a vignette using this kit or larger diorama using figures from other kits of this series.



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