3D printed proxy for Magnus the Red (in several sizes)

Mystic Wargames: The Crimson King

Mystic Wargames, a new company offering 3D printed figures, has just added a new figure to their ever-increasing line of Andrew Angel Primarchs: The Crimson King. This figure is a proxy for Magnus The Red of the Warhammer 40K universe, and can be ordered in three different sizes: 40, 55, 70 mm, depending on your budget and needs costing from 40 to 60 EURs. (The 70mm scale is excellent for figure painters, the smaller sizes are good for wargaming.) 

The figure is 3D printed for order (not a resin replica of a 3D printed master). The renders look very impressive indeed. It is certainly worth going over to their site and check out what they have to offer if you like cool minis or tabletop games - or both. (Apart from the Primarchs, they have Viking and Greek mythology-themed figures as well. )




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