New range of dry brush paints from Green Stuff World

Dry brush paints are a variety of acrylic paint intended for dry brushing methods. They are typically denser than conventional paints and have a greater pigment density, which makes them well-suited for producing a more delicate outcome while painting. Green Stuff World offers these paints in numerous colors and textures, providing a broad spectrum of possibilities for achieving diverse effects.

For optimal results, it's crucial to employ a dry paintbrush with pliant and supple bristles while using these colors. This will enable greater command and a more nuanced outcome. To apply the dry brush paint to the model or miniature figure, the brush must be gently loaded, and any excess should be wiped off on a paper towel or any other absorbent surface beforehand. This technique will aid in preventing clumping and guarantee a smooth application.

The dry brushing technique is versatile and finds application in various ways. It can highlight details on miniature figures, create weathering effects on models, add texture to a model's surface, enhance contrast, and even color wargame scenery. Due to its flexibility and simplicity, it is a favored tool in the modeling and wargaming communities for generating a broad spectrum of effects.

Incorporating them with other types of acrylic paints, metallic paints, fluorescent, or dipping inks can introduce intricacy and allure to your artwork.

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