MENG will be launching a series of Dune model kit products in the future. Firstly, we are presenting three model kits of vehicles from the Dune movie: Harkonnen Ornithopter, Spice Harvester and Atreides Ornithopter kits

Dune is not only hailed as a classic masterpiece in the realm of science fiction literature but also stands as a significant milestone in the sci-fi world. This novel, written by the American sci-fi literature maestro Frank Herbert, has not only won numerous awards but has also been adapted and remade multiple times. In 2021, the sci-fi blockbuster film Dune produced by Legendary Pictures was released, offering audiences an unprecedented immersive experience to delve deep into the grand universe of Dune.

 As loyal fans of Dune, the MENG team has always dreamed of presenting the vehicles and characters from Dune to global modellers who are also Dune fans in the form of model kits.

Planet Arrakis - this is the sacred land where mankind yearns for the spice and the stage for a space opera interwoven with political intrigue, betrayal, fear, hatred, hope and dreams. Across the vast expanse of its desert, whether it's the busy and cautiously operating spice harvesters or the ornithopters flying in the sky, they vividly showcase the unique allure of Dune. Now, let's explore the exquisite details of MENG's new MMS-011 Dune Atreides Ornithopter, MMS-013 Dune Spice Harvester, and MMS-014 Dune Harkonnen Ornithopter kits with the strong support from Legendary Pictures, .

This MMS-011 Dune Atreides Ornithopter model kit has a wingspan of 169mm and a length of 95mm once assembled. This kit also includes a display stand.

This MMS-013 Dune Spice Harvester model kit has a length of 100mm, width of 65mm and height of 27mm once assembled.

This MMS-011 Dune Harkonnen Ornithopter model kit has a wingspan of 173mm and a length of 88mm once assembled.



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