Fantastic Plastic have released a 1/1000th Prometheus model from the 2012 film of the same name.

Prometheus (In-Fight Version) 

Scale - 1/1000

Number of Parts - 38

About the Model

Pattern: Scott Lowther

Castings: Creative Cast Parts

Solid or Clear Vacuform Cockpit Canopy Option

Decals Designed by JBOT

Decals Printed by Tango Papa

The Prometheus was the centerpiece of director Ridley Scott's 2012 sequel to his 1979 hit "Alien" and the successful series that followed.

Owned and operated by the Weyland Corporation, the Prometheus was a giant scientific exploratory vessel capable of faster-than-light speeds. Even so, voyages still took many months -- if not years -- requiring crews to ride out most of the time in hibernation.

Upon arrival at its destination planet, the Prometheus could level and rotate its four engines so they could service as VTOL thrusters and landing gear platforms.

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