Hasegawa are to release a new tool Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia from the "Galaxy Express 999".

Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia (from "Galaxy Express 999")

Item no. - CW20

Scale - 1/2500th 

Estimated No. of parts - 109

Size -

length …226.5mm

width …100mm

Around December 19, 2020

Decal (Marking)

Dokromark (hull side, bridge, stern tower), carving pattern of stern tower, etc.

Downsizing the popular 1/1500

scale Arcadia to an affordable 1/2500 scale!

Assembly does not require adhesive, and it

is a part configuration that is easy to assemble even for beginners by four color parts color.

Triple pulsar canon turret turning / barrel

up and down movable, space buster (rapid fire gun) can move up and down.

Knife-shaped angle (ram) parts (replacement type) of the bow are included.

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